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Fall 2013

As many of you probably know, our dear brother Jason Bingham Noble passed away on August 2nd, 2012, after a three-year battle with cancer. We miss him every day and honor his memory always. Fortunately we shared a lot of amazing experiences that keep his spirit with us: songs we played, trips we took, movies we watched, and jokes he told.

About a year ago we spent a couple of days at Jason and Kristin's house on Woodbine Street in Louisville clearing out the Rachel's stuff so the house could be sold. In addition to instruments, tape machines, microphones, and various toys, we uncovered boxes of album posters, stacks of show flyers and assorted other memorabilia from 10 years of albums and touring. The idea for "An Envelope of Long Goodbyes" was born at that time, but we couldn't deal with it then, so we put everything in storage. Now, a year later, we'd like to offer it to you. LINK

Lots of love from Rachel's

Spring 2013*

THANK YOU for visiting this site. Here are a few recent projects featuring members of Rachel's plus assorted reissues and film collaborations... all the best - Rachel's

NEW Tour History archives - with setlists and more - compiled by Rob Strong. http://www.youngteam.co.uk/rachels/

This video was made for the memorial service for Jason Noble on September 2, 2012 at the Clifton Center in Louisville, Kentucky. It is comprised of many moments from live shows of the band "rachel's", of which Jason was a founding member. Camerawork and editing by Greg King.


Here's a new MUSIC/VIDEO clip that we are super excited about! The incredible students and music teachers at The Gap State High School in Brisbane, Australia did a new arrangement of the song "Water from the Same Source" (2003) for percussion ensemble. Please check out the link below...

New Sounds: SELUAH has released their first FULL LENGTH LP/CD! Available now on Karate Body Records ... http://www.karatebodyrecords.com/seluah

Rachel also has a BRAND NEW EP - “MARION COUNTY 1938” - for more info (and to listen) > click here!

Rachel Grimes recently toured in Europe! For the European Dates in October 2011 please visit: http://www.rachelgrimespiano.com/tour.html

We’re super excited about a new animated film { “Whale Fall” } created by Sharon Shattuck and the folks at Sweet Fern Productions. It features several rachel's songs... and it’s available on NPR’s Radiolab Blog... (here) * Hope you enjoy it...

Adriel Heisey (our friend who created the photos used on the “Selenography” album cover ) has a new book called “The Rio Grande: An Eagle's View” ~Like his other books, it combines stunning ariel photography and enviromental activism * We really encourage you to support this project... for more information (click here).

Seluah: Here's a recent interview: http://leoweekly.com/music/seluahs-vision-returns

King’s Daughters & Sons will be performing with Seluah at 21C Museum in Louisville on November 18th (the details are here) * It's the record release party for the first KDS LP/CD “If Then Not When” available from Chemikal Underground Records! To hear three new tracks click here!

Christian Frederikson (with Ryan Rumery & Jason Noble) are completing the second album in the “Painted Bird” series. To hear part one please visit the bandcamp page... for other soundtrack news check out: http://christianfrederickson.com/

ALSO: Christian will be performing “The Painted Bird Part One” LIVE with the director Pavel Zuštiak in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in November 2011... {full details}

Per Mission has a new album { a bandcamp exclusive}. To hear “Skulls Drones” please click here > http://permission.bandcamp.com/album/skull-drones

Also - here's a new {free} single from a forthcoming E.P. > http://permission.bandcamp.com/track/a-reminder-orange

More Soon!

Previous Update 6/1/11 - Rachel's music (along with several other indie bands) was featured on a NBC Nightly News story (05/31). We're very happy to be part of this broadcast - celebrating the Class of 2011! {Please click here to view the full story }

Wow: April 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of our first recording session in Baltimore. When we collaborated with engineer Tony French at his Hat Factory studio we had no idea what would evolve from there. Ever sentimental and often cobwebbed or at least furry...we've put together a few photos from over the years at a new photo website... a little album art, a few studio documents and plenty of us being goofy. Hope you enjoy the images... as always, a thousand thanks for your support! http://www.flickr.com/photos/rachelsband

Special thanks to everyone at Quarterstick Records, David Babbit, Forrest French, Bob Weston, Three Lobed Recordings, Golden Mastering and Electrical Audio.


Rachel Grimes has released an album of solo piano music "Book of Leaves." For more info on the LP/CD/DL & performance dates: http://www.rachelgrimespiano.com/

Christian Frederickson, Ryan Rumery & Jason Noble are performing the live score to a theater/dance piece called "The Painted Bird Pt.2" - The show will run in NYC in June. For tickets and info please click here... To listen to the soundtrack from "Part One" please visit Christian's new website.

Here's a link for a recent PBS/POV documentary directed by Annie Waldman {that features music by rachel's} - "SO THE WIND WON'T BLOW IT ALL AWAY" - (how the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina continues to have impact on the lives of its victims — and how entire families are among the casualties). Click to VIEW -

We want to congratulate director Josh Fox & the filmmakers who created "GASLAND" -this 2010 film has been nominated for an OSCAR {feature length documentary}. Please visit their website to read more about this important environmental issue. *Rachel's are one of several bands who contributed music to the soundtrack... we wish them the best of luck!

Music / News:

SELUAH (featuring Edward Grimes from Rachel's) is playing shows again! For details - click here!

DOWNLOADS: SELUAH has posted its five song 2002 release on itunes and amazon. {A weird hybrid of dub atmosphere and david lynch creepiness} Click here to listen.


We have just digitally reissued the "Significant Others" Tour CD! We made this extended E.P. in 2002...and it's been out of print for several years. It's available at most music sites but we recommend the fine folks at Fina and ThinkIndie! Both of these sites offer 320K MP3 files and have no DRM. We reissued another E.P. this year - "Technology Is Killing Music" > hope you enjoy the archive tracks! Special Thanks to Three Lobed Recordings for all ther help!

THE YOUNG SCAMELS ( a new project featuring Christian Frederickson, Greg King and Jason Noble) released their debut album "Tempest" on September 21st (File 13 records) . For more info please visit: www.youngscamels.com *

Click here for a FREE download of The Young Scamels first single!

A song by rachel's is featured in the new documentary "The Art of the Steal" (IFC Films 2010) - we highly recommend this film...

Nov. 9th, 2010: Shipping News / digital single "The Delicate" {Please Listen Here} For inofrmation on the brand new LP/CD "One Less Heartless to Fear" ~ please visit: www.shippingnews.org


***Previous Posts***

FILM NEWS: "GASLAND" a new documentary by Josh Fox will be presented on HBO on Monday June 21st. It features music by Rachel's (and many others). Please check out the trailer & showtimes HERE > HBO Summer Series

Greg King and David Teague have recently completed the documentary film "Our House" > It will be screened at The Brooklyn Film Festival on Wednesday June 9th at 8:00 pm, & Saturday June 12 at 3:00 pm (at indieScreen, a brand new, very interesting screening/performance space in south Williamsburg). It features music from the rachel's tour EP ("significant others") and a new score by J. Noble. For more information & to view the new trailer please check out: http://www.ourhousethefilm.com/

DVD RELEASE NEWS : Our close friend and GREG KING has been showing his films with our live shows since our first live concert in '95. He created the films for the play "systems/layers" and has been involved with our album artwork and videos. He recently completed a film that we're very excited about. "ROTATING MIRROR" is a 50 minute document of life in NYC, Louisville, and in between... We provided the score (some new stuff, some archive material and a few soundpieces)

The release date was JULY 8th (08) *HERE IS A LINK to mail order the DVD(from ear x-tacy records in Louisville). AN UNRELEASED TRACK ("SCORDATURA") IS UP NOW.

HERE is a LINK for the WNYC NEW SOUNDS (with the ever-amazing John Schaefer) broadcast about music that was inspired by PABLO NERUDA. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. The set includes a new recording of "Oceana" by Osvaldo Golijov. There's also Peter Lieberson's "Neruda Songs," his farewell to his wife, the late mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. Plus, music by Luciana Souza, and Francesca Ancarola.

HERE IS ANOTHER WNYC broadcast featuring rachel's._________________________________________________

Extras: For the radio broadcast of our WNYC NEW SOUNDS concert (2006) Please visit: wnyc.org
Also - check out other NEW SOUNDS programs.

To view documentary footage for the TOUCH + GO/Quarterstick 25th Anniversary Weekend is online now! www.tgrec.com! Calexico, Ted Leo, Didjits... yes!


Rachel's is:
Christian Frederickson - viola and laptop
Edward Grimes - drums, vibes & sampler
Rachel Grimes - piano and organ
Greg King - films and keyboards
Eve Miller - cello
Jason Noble - guitar, bass, and sampler Kyle Crabtree - drums

Roger - milkbones and creek jumping / Miles - peanut butter quality checker.





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